11 July, 2011

McCarthy has no time for international no shows

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"The pinnacle for a player is international football. I can't fathom any attitude other than busting a gut to play for Ireland"  
- Mick McCarthy        

            Former Ireland World Cup legend Mick McCarthy has given his, as ever, outspoken views on the spate of Ireland withdrawls from the end of season internationals.  McCarthy has shared some strong opinions on the many stay-aways who missed wins over Northern Ireland, Scotland, Italy and Macedonia for dubious reasons.
Mick: no time for international no shows
           McCarthy has no doubts what he would do with any player who puts his summer holidays before the national team. "I have a word for the players who don’t turn up but you can’t print it," declared the Wolves boss. "They are bang out of order. It is just wrong. I am not bothered what their reason is.  I’m not having it and as a manager, I wouldn’t have it.  I missed my brother's wedding to win my first Ireland cap.  The pinnacle of any footballer's career is to play for his country and I just can't understand any attitude other than busting your gut for the chance to represent Ireland."
         Mick also stated he doesn't currently want the Ireland manager's job but that he would be interested in an international job in the future.  "I prefer day-to-day management right now. If the Ireland job comes up in the future, I'd consider it.  But not now."
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