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My name is James Clancy.

That's me in the pic: James Clancy/Hoogen

I'm a big sports fan and I hope to get into (part-time) sports journalism. That is the reason for me creating a sports blog. I want to get my sports writing "out there." I would like to thank my good friend Laurence Baldwin for suggesting that I start a sports blog.

I am from Cork in the Republic of Ireland. My sports blog has a Cork/Ireland theme to it, though there'll be international stories appearing on it also. Those stories will have to be of significance and I will generally avoid "sexy" stories like Man United/Liverpool etc.  The fact that there are so many Irish at Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club (and that their manager is former Ireland World Cup captain [1990] and manager [2002]: Mick McCarthy) means that Wolves will also featurre prominently on my blog.

I call my Blog "Hoogen" because I was watching the Olympics (2000, Sydney) and I saw a swimmer called Pieter Van Den Hoogenband. Anyway - I thought: "That's the coolest name I've ever heard!" - so I decided to use it as my handle name for all sorts of online things from then on. Just a pity his first name wasn't Dan!

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