03 January, 2012

Norn Iron's O'Neill working the oracle once again:

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REACHING FOR THE (North) STARS: O'Neill brings new life
            An old football mantra states:  "Great players don't make great managers.  It's literally a totally different ball game."  Don't tell this theory to Martin O'Neill.  Having garnered a mere 11 points in their opening 14 Premier League games before O'Neill came in; they have now amassed an amazing 13 points in the following six games under his stewardship.
            The man who supported the Wearside club as a boy has taken them from the depths of the relegation zone to the heady heights of 10th place in the Premier League with the campaign over the hump of the journey at this stage.  
NO FOOTBALL MANAGER:   Misery man Roy Keane
            The previous Irishman (Roy Keane) to manage the club garnered preposterous levels of media-hyped praise for guiding the club to promotion (season 2006-'07);  becoming the first Championship (second tier) manager ever to spend over £100million on players (and wages) in one season!  Martin O'Neill's achievements these last six games are no media generated hype fest however.  O'Neill's attitude of respect and dignity are also in stark contrast to former  "manager"  Keane.
            The previous manager (Steve Bruce) always appeared to be on a loser, given his origins from the dreaded Toon area just up the road; but the truth is, the former Manchester United man had endured a torrid start to this season having slumped to second from bottom and confidence forking southward.
Ireland's McLean celebrates match clinching second v Wigan
            O'Neill has breathed new life into the club and having earned an amazing six points from two games played over the space of barely 48 hours; all at Sunderland will be more concerned with European placings than the relegation zone come the end of the season. 
            Kilrea native O'Neill hailed tonight's 4-1 triumph over battling Wigan as:  "The best day of  my time here.  Having played just 48 hours ago, I have no idea where the players got their energy from," - the obvious answer could be:  "YOU Mr. O'Neill; the players got their energy from you!"  As former chairman (and now Head of International Development), Niall Quinn stated:  "Martin literally runs from meeting to changing room to training pitch.  His enthusiasm is truly infectious!"
QUINN: delighted with new manager
            Having won two European Cups and captained his wee country at two World Cups as a player;  as a manager, Martin O'Neill guided Leicester City to the top flight for the first time in their history and took Celtic to a first European final in 37 years.  However;  if his start at Sunderland is anything to go by; he could top all his managerial achievements as a (Black) Cat who won't need to use many of his nine lives.   
            Great players don't make great managers?  Meet Martin Hugh Michael O'Neill.
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