12 January, 2012

Viva la Mexico: two Cork teenagers return after six month soccer trial:

Alan O'Flynn (right) in action for Cobh
            Two Cork teenagers; Peter Nolan and Alan O'Flynn (cousin of former Cork City player John O'Flynn) have just returned to Cork following a six month trial with professional Mexican club;  Leones Negroes.
            The 18 year olds first completed their Leaving Cert last summer before heading over for a five-and-a-month trial.  Alan had an uncle in Mexico and told his friend Peter that they were looking for players.  
            The two lads crossed the Atlantic and said they found it difficult to get used to training over the first few weeks, as the altitude and heat were a big factor.  A typical day would have involved rising at 5:30a.m. for a training session, then sleeping most of the day and possibly another training session in the evening.  Training was six days a week with a one week break in October.
Peter Nolan (foreground) in the same game
             Due to the three foreigner rule; there was no room for the two lads at the club and they were not offered a contract when their trial finished at the end of December.  The lads played golf in their spare time and were held in high regard by the other players.  They also visited charities and an orphanage in the city, who were highly impressed.
            The boys' future plans hit a big glitch when their coach was sacked in early December.  This was the final nail in the coffin for the boys who were given letters of reference thereafter.  
            The new manager had three games and had to win all three with the boys being told that they would have to be let go as they could be a distraction.  The boys said going to Mexico was hugely beneficial to them, to their game and that they have had some interest from clubs in the U.K.
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