16 December, 2011

If psychology means anything in top level sport then GET ON CARL FROCH to beat Andre Ward this weekend:

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FIGHT of the YEAR: WBC Champ Froch v 2004 Olympic King Ward
            If psychology means anything in top level sport (and I strongly believe that it does); then there can only be one winner of this Saturday night's super fight between Carl Froch and Andre Ward at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City.  
            By far the best two fighters have made it to the final of this Super  Six Super Middleweight tournament. Both Ward and Froch have conducted many and extensive (possibly overly extensive) interviews and press conferences over the last number of weeks in the lead up to the fight (a card which starts at midnight Saturday night [Sunday morning] U.K. and Ireland time from the Atlantic Convention Centre).  

Ward celebrates 2004 Olympic Super Middleweight gold win
"IF I win, Froch will have no excuses and vice versa," - hardly supreme confidence from San Francisco's finest

               The most interesting media article was where both combatants spoke before the World's media this week.  I can quote Ward as saying:  "If I win this fight, Carl Froch will have no excuses.  If Carl Froch wins, I'll have no excuses...."  Psychologists will surely agree that Ward's use of the "If" word hardly exudes confidence.  
Froch with WBC Super Middleweight Title belt
                Froch meanwhile has spoken with supreme confidence of  "Winning this Title is my destiny as a fighter.  I'm in the shape of my life.  It's good to know that you've done all the necessary work in the build up to a fight.  All the roadwork, gym work, cardio, weight training and countless hours in the gym have led to this.  Look into my eyes and you will see that I'm ready."
           If Carl Froch doesn't win this fight, I'll dump every sports psychology book I've ever read (which is admittedly only three).  SKY BET have Froch at 10/3 with a Froch KO/TKO an incredible 7/1 considering the Englishman's power and supreme confidence compared to his opponent.  I have three words for my readers:  GET ON FROCH.  
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