19 September, 2011

Best interview ever as "Pretty Boy Floyd" Mayweather enhances his claims of "World's Best Pound for Pound Fighter:"

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PBF lands contoversial KO punch with Ortiz' guard down
            Floyd Mayweather won the WBC World Welterweight Title with a controversial fourth round knockout of Victor Ortiz.  In what had been a tough and  even fight (Mayweather was leading by one point going into the fourth);  Ortiz had the champ on the ropes before butting the undefeated fighter.  The referee deducted the Mexican a point and Ortiz touched gloves with Mayweather before embracing the American as a "apology."  Floyd however saw his chance, landing a right jab and left hook, knocking the challenger onto the seat of his pants.
            Ortiz failed to beat the referee's count but the action was only just getting started.  The incident has created many headlines, with Floyd being labelled a "disgrace" and "unsporting" or variants of these terms.  What the Mayweather haters need to realise is that however dirty Floyd's antics were; they were not as dirty as Ortiz' headbutt, even if the challenger had his hands by his side whilst receiving the knockout blows.   

"If I was 50 years younger, I'd kick your ass," - Larry Merchant duting post-fight interview (right)           

            Mayweather's post-fight interview (pictured right) with HBO's Larry Merchant was where the real fireworks starting however, with Floyd stating: "You guys (Merchant and HBO) never give me a break.  You don't know sh*t about boxing, you don't know sh*t,"  before the tension went through the roof with Merchant stating  "If I was 50 years younger, I'd kick your ass you punk,"  -  with the two eventually having to be separated by handlers before a physical confrontation broke out.  The defeated fighter was more magnanimous post-fight, but this observer feels he got what he deserves.  
            Copyrighting issues mean that I can't post a clip of the post-fight interview here, but if you like an entertaining interview, see the post-fight interview from this fight! 
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