18 September, 2011

Dublin record important All-Ireland Football win (eventhough we'll never hear the end of it) in epic Final against Oldest Enemy:

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DOWN BUT NOT OUT: 'Keeper conceded to Cooper but scored winner
Every dog has its day and Dublin deserve this day.  An important win for the GAA.

            I'm glad I'm not in the capital the next few weeks, because the hype surrounding this will be 90 and beyond.  The truth is that Dublin deserved this win, if not this year then given the number of years they've been knocking on the door (particularly last year when they were pipped in the semi-final by eventual champions Cork).
             At half-time today; Dublin looked to be well in control eventhough they only led by one point.  Minutes into the second half, The Dubs were three points ahead, but Kerry have won seven of the last 10 All-Ireland's for a reason and 10 minutes into the second half, they were level.  As the time remaining flew by; the Kingdom were four points ahead with seven minutes to play.  It looked like only a goal would get the Capital back into it and that's exactly what happened with five minutes to play as the Kerry defence tired and the younger Dubs finally turned the screw.  A minute later the sides were level and going into injury time, it looked like we were heading to a replay.  However, with almost the last kick of the game, Dublin won a free-kick.  The true indication that this is a 15 (indeed, 30 man) game was illustrated by the fact that it was goalkeeper Stephen Cluxton who stood up to take the 40 metre kick and Dublin had won their first All-Ireland Football Title since 1995.  The goalkeeper was in fact the third highest scorer in this year's Championship. 

Every ball tenaciously fought for in titanic All-Ireland Final
"The GAA needed Dublin to win the All-Ireland.  It's a totally different game now to when I retired in 2001,"
- Derry's Joe Brolly

             The fact is that either side could have won this game and Dublin just happened to be in front when the final whistle was blown.  This is an imprtant win for the GAA.  If Kerry had won the All-Ireland, I wouldn't have written this article, given that it's almost an annual occurance.   The hype surrounding the Dubs is something which can often be a burden on the side (and irritating for the rest of the country).  However, this victory and the hype surrounding it will prove an encouragement to those watching to maybe take up something productive instead of the often destructive headlines so often generated from the Capital.  Every dog has its day and this Dublin dog deserves its day.  Even if this (and most non-Dublin) observer(s) hopes it doesn't have another day any time soon!
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