01 November, 2011

At long last; Dónal Óg Cusack has been named as Cork hurling captain:

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100% COMMITMENT: Cork hurling captain Dónal Óg Cusack
"Roy Keane spoke to our team and while he was good, he wasn't as good as Dónal Óg,"  -  former Cork senior hurling manager John Allen      

              Whilst this (and many other) observer(s) believe that Dónal Óg Cusack should have been named as Cork senior hurling captain years ago;  he has at long last received the honour.  If a captain should lead by example;  then few could match this man for his dedication and absolute commitment to excellence.  The Cloyne man  the injuredShane O'Neill.  The fact it took so long for Cusack to become captain is probably mainly due to his outspoken nature and the controversies (particularly player's strikes) he has been involved in.
Cusack succeeds Shane O'Neill (above) as Cork captain
            New Cork senior hurling manager Jimmy Barry Murphy has explained that the decision was prompted by the injuries that last year's captain suffered:
"Shane O'Neill has stepped down as he suffered a number of injuries over the past twelve months and now wishes to concentrate on his own game. As a result, the management made the decision to appoint Donal Og as captain, with Patrick Horgan vice-captain," said Barry Murphy in a statement released by the Cork couny board.
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