30 November, 2011

Ireland's first para-cycling World Champion looks forward to London 2012:

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Ireland's Mark Rohan in World para-cycling action
           Former Westmeath Gaelic footballer Mark Rohan is looking forward to the challenge of the London 2012 Paralympics.   Acutely aware of the financial problems in Ireland, he believes it is up to Irish athletes to represent the country as best they can given the horrendous antics of the nation's politicians.
            Rohan, 30, has already qualified for next year's Paralympics and is targeting a medal in the handcycling road race and a personal best in the time trial.  The 30-year-old has just taken delivery of a new €9,500 bike which he hopes will help him add to his impressive achievements in the sport.

Rohan celebrates World gold
             "This one is built specifically for my dimensions," said Rohan, who is the first athlete to win six World Cup medals in a row.  He was able-bodied and a keen multi-disciplinary athlete until an accident in 2001 resulted in him suffering severe spinal injuries. 

             Mark continues to discuss his bike: "It's a really lightweight bike and hopefully this will bring me to London.  It uses mountain bike gears and all the components from a road bike; it's just a kind of an upside down bike in the shape of a bobsleigh.  I'll hit maximum speeds of 80km/hour but my average speed will be 30-35km/h.  The fact that I'll be just one inch off the ground will make it feel a lot faster though."
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