16 October, 2011

100 year-old becomes World's oldest marathon finisher:

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Fauja Singh: first 100 year old to complete marathon
            100 year-old Fauja Singh became the oldest man ever to complete a marathon this Sunday as he completed the 42km event along Toronto's waterfront.  The Indian-born Englishman Fauja Singh will likely be named the Guinness World Record holder for the world's oldest marathoner for completing the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 
             The centurion finished the race in a time of just over eight hours and 25 minutes.  He finished in 3,528th place with five runners finishing behind him.  Earlier in the week, Singh set eight world records at Scarborough's Birchmount Stadium track for running distances as short as 100 metres to as long as 5,000 metres. 
SINGH WHEN YOU'RE RUNNING: centurion during epic race
             Singh only took up running about 11 years ago, just before he turned 90 after his wife had died.  He says he trains by running 16 kilometres a day, everyday.  
The run marked the eighth marathon for Singh.  In the same marathon in 2003, he set a record in the 90-plus category of five hours, 40 minutes and one second.
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