19 October, 2011

"I dread the end," Brian O'Driscoll talks to Rugby World magazine about retiring from his sport:

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Ireland's greatest ever rugby player is near the end
"Irish rugby will fall off a cliff when Brian O'Driscoll retires.  Quite simply the greatest player we have ever had," - Neil Francis            

               Irish rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll has spoken of his dread of finally hanging up his boots.  Having achieved almost everything in his sport; (the World Cup being the only major trophy the Dubliner has not lifted), O'Driscoll admits the end is nigh for him.       
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                  The Ireland captain said he believes he has another 18 months before he finally calls time on his incredible career.  The 32 year-old has admitted that he is terrified at the thought of leaving the dressing room for the last time.  O'Driscoll, who earned the first of his record 123 caps in 1999; has said that his dream is to avoid injury and retire at the 2013 Lions Tour of Australia.  
            "When you're involved for 10, 12, 14 years, that's a huge part of your life.  I've spent over a third of my life playing professional rugby, so it's going to have a huge impact when the day comes that I'm not doing it anymore and I'm dreading it. 
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 Once you're not part of a squad, you'll never feel the same way with those lads that still are.  It's a tie-in that nobody else can unless you're part of a squad.  I see guys who were hugely popular with Leinster over recent years;  John Fogarty, Malcolm O'Kelly and others, and because they're not part of every day training, they just can't have that connection."
Brian gives a coaching lesson
                Speaking of the future, Brian said rugby would continue to play a big part in his life, particularly at the rugby academies where he says youngsters' manners are just as important as their performance on the field:  "I'd love to be able to do some more academies, teach some of the things I've learned and get kids active."
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