02 June, 2011

IRB introduce much needed new concussion guidelines:

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IRB President Lapasset announcing new guidelines

An amendment to Regulation 10, approved by the IRB Council at its Special Meeting of Council in Dublin on Tuesday, May 24, has paved the way for a new robust set of guidelines surrounding concussion that will enhance the protection of players at all levels of the game.
Players, coaches, medics and administrators now have access to an easy-to-use dedicated set of guidelines that cater for the elite and community levels and recognise that medical diagnosis and support is not always available to players at every level of the game. Importantly, greater clarity and flexibility will aid the process.
IRB need more influence on player welfare

Grounded in extensive research to increase understanding, the new guidelines are now available at the IRB's dedicated Player Welfare website, www.irbplayerwelfare.com. Underpinning the programme will be the roll out of a game wide education programme that highlights the dangers of ignoring the symptoms of concussion.

View the new guidelines here:
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