26 June, 2011

Rangers raiders are now a fresh threat to the GAA:

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Ricky Nixon (left) with some GAA - Aussie Rules converts
GAA coaches around Ireland have long viewed Ricky Nixon, the Australian talent scout with the plane tickets to Sydney and the fat chequebook, as the biggest threat to their development work.  They hadn't considered a predator much closer to home however.
Rangers FC, it is alleged, have established a powerful scouting network within the GAA community in Ireland, with numerous former Gaelic footballers now on their books as full-time youth players.  If there is something refreshing about the Glasgow giants, who refused to sign Catholic players until the late 1980's, taking such an open stance, it might concern Croke Park that the Protestant institution have begun to 'cherrypick' GAA talent with such specific determination.
Aaron McGregor(l): another convert from GAA to a pro football code
Their new direction was highlighted by Michael McGregor, the father of new Rangers signing, Aaron, 17, who has left Limavady Wolfhounds GAA club behind to chase the professional pound in Scotland.  His comments are sure to raise eyebrows.
"Rangers is full of lads who have played Gaelic football: there are five in the squad that Aaron's joining and four of the Ranger's scouts have Celtic tatoos.  At this level, it's all about professionalism."
Aaron, his son has said he'll  "miss the Gaelic," but admitted:  "I've always wanted to be a professional footballer."
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