28 June, 2011

"PONY EXCESS:" a dynasty lost in sudden death; with special thanks to Toponlinecolleges.com

I received an email today from  Toponlinecolleges.com  telling me of an article that I might be interested in.  They (Jennifer Lynch from Toponlinecolleges.com to be precise)  were correct; the article was fantastic.
The article (titled the  “10 Most Crooked College Programs in NCAA History”)  was also a boost to my ego.   This is the email Jennifer Lynch sent to me today:

"Hi James,

My name is Jennifer and I write for Toponlinecolleges.com. After publishing our most recent post, “10 Most Crooked College Programs in NCAA History” I thought of you and your readers because it tackles the same kind of issues you often discuss on your blog. If you’d like to share it on your site, we’d love to keep the discussion going.

Jennifer Lynch"    
- clearly; my articles are being read....who would have thought, eh?!  I was going to condense the article into a Top 3 or a Top 5;   but there is just too many interesting stories in there, so thanks again to Jennifer Lynch from Toponlinecolleges.com  for informing me about it.

"It's a question of obey the rules, or be more subtle if you don't.  The NCAA are a bunch of gangsters.  As long as money is there, the incentive will be there to cheat." 

This article (the “10 Most Crooked College Programs in NCAA History”)  gets me onto the  "ESPN 30 for 30";  a countdown of the Top 30 films since the foundation of ESPN (30 years ago).  Many of these films are worth watching;  in particular;  "Once Brothers,"  "Without Bias," and of course  "Pony Excess;"  which tells the story of the aforementioned Southern Methodist University practices of corruption;  #1 on the list of Toponlinecolleges.com  “10 Most Crooked College Programs in NCAA History.”
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