21 April, 2011

The Dan Plan: Putting the 10,000 hour Theory to the test:

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For Dan McLaughlin it's the sincerity of the endeavour that counts
There is a well known sports phrase stating that it takes "10,000 hours of practice" to reach an elite level of sport.  In recent years; this theory has been applied to fields other than sports.  Dan
McLaughlin read about the 10,000 hour theory in Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers" and decided to apply it to himself.  He plans to practice playing golf for six hours a day, six days a week, for six years in order to have a shot at making the PGA Tour. He's already a year in. 
Here's how they have Dan trying to learn golf: He couldn't putt from 3 feet until he was good enough at putting from 1 foot. He couldn't putt from 5 feet until he was good enough putting from 3 feet. He's working away from the hole. He didn't get off the green for five months. A putter was the only club in his bag. 
Everybody asks him what he shoots for a round. He has no idea. His next drive will be his first.
In his month in Florida, he worked as far as 50 yards away from the hole. He might - might - have a full set of clubs a year from now.
You can follow Dan's progress on Twitter:  @choire
For Dan McLaughlin it's not the making it that counts; it's the sincerity of the endeavour.
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