06 April, 2011

With the World watching; will Brasil be ready for 2014?

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Brasil are asleep on the job & Pele is not happy about it
"My beloved Brasil is running the risk of embarassing itself," - Pele

The delays to the rebuilding of the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro will come as no surprise to anyone who attended the first Club World Cup in Brasil 11 years ago. The minimal upgrades back then were completed in the nick of time and, just days before the opening game, facilities in the stands were still a mess of unconnected wires and sawdust. The greater Maracana project was due to be completed in 2012; in plenty of time for the 2014 World Cup, but has been put back a year already.
MARACANA: still a shell with time not yet running out; but not in abundance
"My beloved Brasil is running a huge risk of embarass - ing itself. We are well behind schedule in preparing for 2014," said Pele, an official ambassador for Brasil 2014. Yet these days, as sport chases the big bucks in the emerging nations, we are used to living by the old shobiz motto that it will be alright on the night. The refrain could be heard through the Athens Olympics, the South Korean Grand Prix, the Commonwealth Games, the Cricket World Cup and now around the Ukraine leg of the 2012 UEFA European Championships. 
Will Brasil be ready when the eyes of the World will be watching come 2014?
One day, of course, this bravado will be exposed with at best chaotic, at worst tragic, results and there will be all manner of hand-wringing recriminations. As if such an event was unforeseeable; as if we did not have enough warnings and near misses in the past.Follow hoogenband0110 on Twitter

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