02 April, 2011

The "Ice Man" Cometh to Cork:

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"The Ice Man" doing what he does best: knockin' guys out
Former Undisputed Ultimate Fighting (UFC) Light Heavyweight World Champion Chuck "The Ice-Man" Liddell returns to Cork this summer for a special clinic. The clinic takes place at the appropriately named "Boxing Clinic" in Bally - cureen (near Airport Road) in Cork City. Liddell has an extensive striking back - ground in Kempo, Koei-Kan Karate and kickboxing and will demonstrate all of the above at this very special event. He also has a background in collegiate wrestling. He has a total of 23 UFC fights to his name; which is a record held jointly with fellow MMA legends Matt Hughes and Randy Couture. Liddell is one of eight men to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame. "The Ice Man" is a man very much in demand and seldom visits (non-U.S.) venues more than once.
VICTORY: A familiar feeling for "The Ice Man" Cometh
Every rule is made to be broken though and the California native will return to the "Banks of my Own Lovely Lee" this summer, whose prior visit to these shores was last autumn. 

Tickets will be priced at €40 per person. Watch this space for more information.
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