30 March, 2011

Airtricity League: former Cork boss Collins issues astonishing attack on top man Tommy Dunne:

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Roddy Collins has launched an astonishing verbal attack on Cork City manager Tommy Dunne, labelling the City boss "a boy doing a man’s job." The outburst comes ahead of Friday evening’s Airtricity League First Division fixture at Turner’s Cross, as Collins brings his Monaghan United side to Leeside. “Cork are a good unit. They have a great set-up, fantastic training facilities, a big catchment area and a fine squad,” said Collins. “But unfortunately they have a boy doing a man’s job as their manager. The job is too big for him and that will prove itself. He was only an understudy to me. It’s a pity, because it’s a massive club. It’s a Premier Division club, they shouldn’t be down in the First Division.” Collins took over as City manager early in 2010, but lost his job after the club’s holding company was wound up. The manager’s job was given to Tommy Dunne, a decision Collins appears to resent.  
Someone won't be happy with Collins' comments
“I have no reason to expect a hostile reception from the Cork supporters on Friday. I worked hard when I was down in Cork, trying to put a club together.”
Collins added that he still harbours ambitions of managing Cork City.
“I would absolutely love to manage that club. I was made for that job. If the lads from FORAS had given me the opportunity last year I would have gotten them promoted.”

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