11 March, 2011

Irish Olmpic tickets agent in £500,000 pitch:

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WISE MAN:   Marcus Evans had the sense to sack Roy Keane
London 2012's big launch of their Olympic ticket sale next week has been ambushed by Ipswich Town Football Club owner Marcus Evans promoting his own incredible £500,000 Olympic Games packages.
Evans, renowned as the biggest ticket tout in the world, sent emails last week to potential high-rolling clients around the globe from his Scandinavian office offering gold, silver and bronze open contracts that "guarantee places even at sold-out events" and the flexibility to book late. 
10 VIP Tickets to the 100m mens' Olympic Final will cost a cool £39,500stg
The gold version costs £500K plus 24% service charge. Examples of other prices include 10 VIP guests at the mens' 100m final at £39,500 and the same rate for the mens' team pursuit cycling final.
It remains to be seen how Evans, the approved 2012 ticket agent of the Olympic Council of Ireland and who has an office in Dublin, will market events of an Irish interest including the women's light-weight boxing final, likely to feature Katie Taylor. 
Evans has escaped UK Government crackdown on ticket touts
The UK Government crackdown on touts has seen them quadruple fines, yet somehow London 2012 approved Evans as the official retailer for the Maltese and Greek Olympic Committees, as well as Ireland's, giving him access to tens of thousands of tickets. The organising committee, who claim they want Evans inside rather than outside the official tent, say they will investigate any evidence of wrongdoing. But multi-millionaire Evans is careful to exploit the grey areas of regulations and his unofficial promotions make no mention of actual tickets, so he wil most likely face no punishment whatsoever for his law flouting.
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