14 March, 2011

Refereeing blunder will cost IRFU €860,000: a LOT of money in these economic times: Six Nations may now have to issue official apology:

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ILL-GOTTEN GAINS:   Phillips goes over for Wales' winning "try"
South African referee Jonathan Kaplan stands accused today of an 'in - defensible blunder' in awarding Wales the try that looks set now to rob Irish Rugby of €860,000 in Six Nations prize money.
The accusation over the wrong ball row comes not from the Irish camp, but from the retired English referee 'Fearless' Fred Howard, who is still involved with the Six Nations as an analyst.
NOT HAPPY:  Fred Howard
"How they could get that wrong is beyond belief. The ball-boy clearly used a ball which was not the one that Ireland had kicked into touch because that ball went into the crowd. As soon as that happened, there was no question of Wales being allowed to take a quick throw. It's unbelieveable that the referee missed that call," - said the English expert.
NOT HAPPY: Skipper O'Driscoll disputes Kaplan's decision to allow "try"
Even Wales admitted that the try should not have been allowed. The try was ultimately the difference between victory and defeat for the Dragons. The Welsh now head to Paris this week in pursuit of the €3.45million runners-up prize instead of the €2.6m on offer for third place which is now the best that Ireland can achieve. "The decision beggars belief," said Ireland skiper Brian O'Driscoll. "If I was in the wrong on something like that, I'd be embarassed."

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