06 March, 2011

Wonderful Wolves denied win over Spurs:

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Kevin Doyle; brave as ever in bagging Woles' opener today
Wolves have battled hard all season and not received the rewards they deserve. Former Cork City star Kevin Doyle bagged two goals in a man-of-the-match display at home to Spurs today. However, Wolves were cruelly denied victory when a late Richard Steerman header was wrongly ruled out for a foul. I hope that the two points dropped from drawing today, will not prove crucial come the end of the season. One thing for sure is that Wolves will never, ever give up.
After the match: Wolves' (and former Republic of Ireland) manager Mick McCarthy has refused to comment on a few pivotal decisions which wrong went against the Molineux Men. He's insisted on the squad's need to "stay calm," despite pressure.
Manager Mick McCarthy wants cool heads

In one additional note: Mick has made efforts to get English born Richard Steerman and Jamie O'Hara to declare for the Republic of Ireland national football team. Watch this space.
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