21 May, 2011

Former Cork City players plying their trade Down Under:

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Cork's Liam Kearney is now Down Under
The recession and the downturn at home has forced many young people to foreign shores.  In terms of soccer, Australia and places like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have certainly benefited in these harsh economic times now that the Celtic Tiger is dead and buried.  
Former Cork City star;  Liam Kearney (left) was one of the first to head Down Under to continue his soccer career.  The former Republic of Ireland U-21 international is now playing in Melbourne with Dandenong Thunder - in a league outside the A-League, the Australian national league.
Other Cork men now playing Down Under are ex-Everton midfielder Alan Kearney, ex-Cork City defender Ray Lally and Waterford United midfield man John Kearney.
Liam Kearney's new club: Dandenong Thunder
The recession and the downturn in the domestic game has forced these lads to emigrate;  but the majority of them are now earning up to AUS$500 (approx. €380) per week.  They can also dovetail their part-time or semi-pro soccer income with a part-time job outside of football.  The one snag is that you can only hold down a temporary job for six months before you have to move on to new employment.
Most of the Cork/Irish lads in Australia have signed one-year, roll-over contracts with their soccer clubs.
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