21 May, 2011

"You can feel the fear:" Nerves jangling ahead of "Survival Sunday:"

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Sunday afternoon promises to be a nail-biter
"The tension surrounding this final game is unbearable,"
- Wolves' boss Mick McCarthy
Sunday is THIS big for five relegation threatened sides
It's been labelled the "most exciting" and certainly the closest

"This is the biggest game of my career,"
- Birmingham boss Alex McLeish

relegation battle ever at the bottom of the F.A. Premier League.  Going into the final day of the season; there are five clubs within one point of each other at the bottom of that table. 
Looking up:  Ian Holloway

"You can feel the fear,"
- Blackpool boss Ian Holloway

West Ham are already relegated; but Wigan, Blackpool, Birmingham City, Wolves and Blackburn still don't know whether or not they'll be playing in the richest league in the World.  This means that this Sunday is now a £120million game for each of those five clubs fighting for their lives.  For Wolves and Blackburn; the situation is quite clear; win and you're safe.  Things are a lot less certain for the other three sides involved.  All three could win but go down or lose and stay up.  Birmingham's Alex McCleish has called this the "Biggest game of my career."  I feel that Birmingham have problems at the back and up front and I believe they will lose to Tottenmham at White Hart Lane who are in good form and looking to seal a European place.   
Wolves' boss (and former Ireland captain) Mick McCarthy has said this week:  "The tension surrounding this final game is unbearable."  I believe that Wolves will beat Blackburn guaranteeing a third Premier League season for Mick's men.  I believe that Blackpool and Wigan will get no more than one point away to Champions Manchester United and Stoke City respectively meaning that Birmingham and Wigan will join West Ham by falling through the trap door that is Premier League relegation.  All that is, for now,  just hearsay.  One thing for sure though is that Sunday afternoon will be tight and very, very tense.
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