29 May, 2011

Sad day for football as FIFA President Sepp Blatter is cleared of corruption:

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"I want to protect FIFA's reputation which is why I am stepping down from this Presidential race,"
- Muhammed Bin Hammam (left)

Looks like Blatter will practice corruption for another 100 years

FIFA's Ethics Comittee has absurdly but not surprisingly cleared the bigotted Blatter of any wrongdoing and he is now clear to run on his own in Wednesday's Presidential "election" after his sole challenger was suspended by the governing body.  Mohamed Bin Hammam was the only man to run against Blatter; indeed the only man to challenge and question Blatter.  Trinidad's Jack Warner was also suspended from all footballing activities pending further investigation.  Hammam accused Blatter of knowing about corrupt payments and bribery within the organisation, but the Ethics Committee has found no wrongdoing on Blatter's part.  He is now free to be coronated as FIFA President once again this week having been President for 13 years already.   This is a development which will lead to anger and outrage throughout the world of association football.
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