25 May, 2011

Here's to the Real Queen:

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The Real Queen:  Cork's own Sonia O'Sullivan is home from Australia again
While HRH Queen Elizabeth II was visiting Cork; the People's Republic of Cork's own queen Sonia O'Sullivan was in Melbourne helping a group of exiled Corkonians raise money for a good cause.  
The Emer Casey Foundation Fun Run took place in both Melbourne and Youghal and Sunday and helps to raise funds for research into ovarian cancer.
Sonia is now back by the Lee and will take place in the Cork City Marathon over the June Bank Holiday Weekend.
The Real Queen not only won the Melbourne race; but allegedly started from the back and tapped people on the rear with a hurley - that was sent to her from Cork - so that people would get their skates on.  Anyone looking to win the Cork City Marathon, will have the Cobh native to contend with first. Following Emer's death in June 2006 the Casey family promised they would do all they could to help this research in the hope of securing a future of early detection of uterine/ovarian cancer.   The Emer Casey Foundation is currently sponsoring three Phd Fellowship students, whose focus is in the areas of chemo-resistance, cancer stem cells, circulating tumour cells and the body's immune response to cancer.
If you want to help these amazing Corkonians and their noble cause; you can donate €22 by visiting  http://www.mycharity.ie/charity/emercaseyfoundation/  
For more information on the Youghal, London and Melbourne, visit:
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