16 May, 2011

Olympic marathon winner plunges to death: Police say it was not suicide:

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Kenya's 2008 Olympic gold medal winning marathon king Samuel Wanijru has plunged to his death from a second floor balcony after his wife discovered him in bed with another woman.  
Kenyan police have said that his wife locked the lovers in the bedroom after discovering the pair together.  In a fit rage he jumped from the balcony where he sustained serious injuries which he did not recover from.
Wanijru, 24, was regarded as one of the greatest distance runners ever to come out of East Africa and had also won the prestigious London and Chicago marathons before becoming Kenya's first Olympic marathon gold medalist.  
His private life was troubled however.  Nyahururu residents said Wanjiru had taken to heavy drinking of late and was stressed by personal problems, particularly involving his wife.
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