23 May, 2011

Refreshing rarity from the dog-eat-dog World of top flight football management: A footbal manager who is IN DEMAND by his club and others after his side is relegated:

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Ian Holloway celebrates 2010 Championship play-off victory
"Ian Holloway has achieved miracles at this football club,"
- Blackpool FC Chairman Karl Oyston

Now that the dust has settled on yesterday's dramatic conclusion to the Premier League;  plans are turning to the beach, but with next season at the forefront of every chairman's mind.  Chelsea Coach Carlo Ancellotti has already lost his job and more top flight managerial casualties can be expected to be announced in the near future.

"I hope that Ian (Holloway) doesn't have his head turned by other clubs,"
- Blackpool FC Chairman Karl Oyston

One man is guaranteed to keep his job though, despite his club (unluckily) gettting relegated from the F.A. Premier League is the larger than life Blackpool boss Ian Holloway.  Holloway, like his football club has been a breath of fresh air in the often staid world of Premier League football; where every word is monitored and scrutinized to a point where many involved in the game simply talk in banal platitudes to avoid controversy.  Not Holloway though.  Press rooms all over England are always packed to the rafters when this man speaks and his heart is never anywhere but right on his sleeve.  From stating that he would quit if the Premier League fined his club for him fielding a 'weakened' side back in December to stating on Saturday that  "We don't know how to shut up shop.  Our shop never closes,";  Ian Holloway, more often than not brings a smile to people's faces.  One other predominant feature of Holloway's tenureship at Blackpool has been his reference to his 'pride' in his boys.  
Everyone associated with Blackpool FC will be hoping their manager stays.  Not least amongst them this fella.

What is possibly most refreshing about this situation though is the backing Ian Holloway has so steadfastly and deservedly received from his Chairman;  Karl Oyston.  Usually; relegation equals the sack for a manager but Oyston has quite rightly acknowledged the 'miracles' Holloway has achieved at Blackpool Football Club; a club who should in financial terms never have gotten remotely near the Premier League, let alone coming within just one point of staying in that League.  Oyston has also acknowledged that he might find it very difficult to hold on to Ian Holloway for next season.  Blackpool are by some margin (financially) the smallest club ever to play in the Premier League but let's hope it's not the last season that they or their magnificent manager feature in the F.A. Premier League.
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