14 December, 2010

The Venterview: Best interview ever!

Dr. Brendan Ventner MD (right) - in hot water - as usual!

This post comes a bit late, but Saracens Head Coach gave what could be labelled an "interesting" interview after his side lost at home to Racing Métro in the Heineken Cup last Sunday. Ventner answered the (mandatory) interview questions with no more than banalities and would not elaborate on any question he was asked. One imagines that Ventner's stubbornness had little to do with the defeat his side had just suffered but more to do with the £21,850 fine (£13,100 suspended) he received due to being "inappropriately critical of the ERC, the tournament, the match officials and the sport of rugby union" by the ERC after he complained about the referee following his side losing at home in a key Heineken Cup match in November just gone.

This is definitely an interview which can only be fully appreciated by being seen!

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