04 December, 2010

The World looks to FIFA headquarters in Zurich tomorrow 4pm (C.E.T.); 3pm GMT

FIFA Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland

Tomorrow at 3pm (G.M.T.), FIFA make the decision as to who will host the 2018 (and 2022) FIFA World Cup. ENGLAND has emerged as a late favourite (narrowly ahead of Russia) thanks to a last gasp push from Prince William, (Prime Minister) David Cameron and most importantly; the Becks Factor; DAVID BECKHAM. The man himself says: "I am so proud to be part of this bid. I would dearly love to take my boys to see a World Cup game in England. I've been lucky enough that my boys have gotten to see me play in a few World Cups and while I'll be 43 in 2018 so I don't think I'll still be playing, I wouldn't rule it out either!".....neither would we Becks, neither would we!
DAVID BECKHAM launches England's 2018 World Cup bid
Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister David Cameron started the day in Zurich, will finish it in Zurich, but flew back to Westminster in between, for "Prime Minister's Question Time" where the English bid was backed by even Scottish members of Parliament. Of course, the World Cup will have major spin-off effects for neighbouring countries: Wales, Scotland and (to a lesser extent); IRELAND.
Bill Clinton arrives in Zurich
The 2022 World Cup host will also be announced tomorrow. It's an indication into how much the Great Event is expected to expand that it's the first time that the Host Nation will be given close to 12 years to prepare for it. The U.S.A. is the favourite to land 2022, with Borack Obama, Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman the big hitters in Zurich this week. Australia looks a close second with Elle Macpherson present to back their bid. However, tomorrow does seem to be all about 2018 with all major television networks broadcasting live from Zurich from dawn tomorrow.

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