20 December, 2010

Johnny Giles book - A great Christmas gift for sport's fans; Plus Giles on Clough - a fascinating insight:

Former Republic of Ireland International captain, manager and Leeds United star; John Giles has released his autobiography: "A Football Man" - a must have for any football fan.

Clough: Genius

Giles says: "Brian Clough was a genius. His code of strict discipline was how he saw you getting results - even more so than Matt Busby. Having a good rapport with the referee is very important when you're going for trophies. Clough was ahead of his time in that regard. I had mixed emotions about Clough. I didn't like him but I wanted to please him. He had a knack of getting the best out of players." - this is quite an interesting insight from Giles on someone (that is Clough) who only managed him (i.e. Giles) for 44 days (back in 1974) and lost his job as manager due directly to his relationship with the Leeds United players - and in particular captain Giles. Brian Clough achieved a number of feats that will never be achieved again; namely winning the English Top Flight (Division One as it was known as then) the season AFTER being promoted (1978) and winning the European Cup two years in a row (1979 & '80) with a small provincial club (Notthingham Forest) which was lacking in major resoursces. So many people say that Alex Ferguson is the best manager of all time, but what would he have ahieved if his resources were as limited as Clough's.

 Cesc: potential great

Giles also says that Arsenal (and Spain 2010 World Cup winner) Cesc Fabregas has the potential to be an "all-time great" player.

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