17 December, 2010

Ian Holloway v MICHEL PLATINI (and FIFA):

Ian Holloway: not happy with FIFA big-wigs/idiots

"If it was me, heads would roll - and I know which heads would roll. And I'd love to do it. [Prompting laughter from journalists in the audience]. Seriously. Deadly seriously....why doesn't the Venky Group at Blacburn or somebody sack Mr. Blatter & Mr. Platini. They (i.e. the Venky Group) are good at sacking people. I know Platini was a good player but he's not good at what he does now. (Michel Platini is now UEFA President having been European Player of the Year and a European Cup winner in the 1980's). In fact I think he's useless. I honestly do. How can you do that. (Change the World Cup to the winter months in 2022)......Are you deadly serious (about changing the timing of the World Cup? And what about our club football - we just switch them around for a while. I think the World's gone crazy" - says the ever-opinionated (and accurate) Blackpool F.C. manager: Ian Holloway

Michel Platini has fallen a long way from his playing hey-day (above)

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