13 December, 2010

Speed fast to show joy at being new Welsh boss

Gary Speed (above right): Glad to be made manager of HIS nation

The FAW will appoint former Wales international GARY SPEED as new National Team Manager today (Tuesday 14th December). I must say that it's good to see a Welsh man as manager of the Welsh National Team. I personally feel that there should be a FIFA rule whereby Managers (as well as Assistant Managers, Goalkeeping Coaches, National Team physios, National Team doctors and National Team kitmen) should ALL be from the same nation as the nation they are representing/managing - otherwise you're playing Champions League football.

For the Good of the Game; FIFA need to change some of its rules

Hopefully, other nations (including the Republic of Ireland - who first of all need to employ a manager fluent in the language that the players he manages speak!!) will follow Wales' example and employ managers who are natives of the nation they manage. Irish fans will indeed be first to see Gary Speed's managerial abilities as the Republic of Ireland is the first side to face Speed's Dragons in the new Four Nations Tournament (which also compromises Scotland and Northern Ireland).

Current Ireland manger Giovanni Trapatonni (above) says:
"I'm happy to collect my pension from the FAI."

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