08 December, 2010

Robbie Keane re-united with MICK McCARTHY

ROBBIE KEANE looks set to be re-united with his former International manager; MICK McCARTHY as Wolves have tabled a £6 million bid which looks set to be accepted. This of course brings back memories of the 2002 World Cup and that goal at the death of the match against Germany (see YouTube clip at the bottom) which took Ireland through.
"Flight to Japan: €600;
Ticket to the match: €60;
The look on Mick McCarthy's face when Robbie Keane rammed the ball into the German net: PRICELESS!"..........look at 0:52seconds - 1:05 for that look on Mick's face. ;-)

Mick McCarthy tells ROY Keane where to go @ World Cup 2002

WHAT A NIGHT: Ibaraki Japan; 2002 World Cup (above & below);
Germany v Ireland

Only one
KEANO in Ireland is God Damn right and it's Robbie!

Thanks for the memories Robbie, thanks for the memories

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