11 December, 2010

Ian Holloway's Blackpool dream continues; Meanwhile Roy Keane's Ipswich lose AGAIN

Blackpool celebrate another win;
What a start they've had to the season;
It could be what keeps them up come May.


Having gotten Blackpool promoted to the Premier League in his first season as manager, Ian Holloway has continued his incredible job by winning 1-0 away to Stoke City today.
Blackpool now have 22 points from 16 Premier League games this season. It's impossible to over praise Holloway for his achievements at Blackpool, who are comfortably the smallest club (both financially and geographically) ever to play in the Premier League. "I'm very proud of my lads. You never break Stoke's spirit - but you never break our spirit either" - says the fantastically affable Holloway.

To put things into context: Blackpool's most expensive signing cost a mere £1.5million, compared to the Premier League's most expensive signing (Robinho from Real Madrid to Machester City) of £32.5 million, with average (non-free) Premier League signings being some £8.5million over the last three seasons. Also, Blackpool's highest earner has a pay packet of £30,000 (plus win bonuses) a week, while the Premier League's current top earner (Yaya Toure also of Manchester City), pockets a cool £220,000 (plus bonuses and endorsements) per week! Premier League average earnings this season are £70,000 (plus win bonuses) per week per player.

Blackpool will hit the skids later in the season, and the fact that they have the smallest squad - and most limited resources - in the Top Flight, means they'll find it harder than most/all to cope with injury setbacks. However, the start that Blackpool have made to the season could be just enough to keep them up come May. This observer hopes it will be enough.

The ever crazy IAN HOLLOWAY has done a marvellous job at Blackpool:

A man who is NOT doing a great managerial job pictured below:
A man who shouldn't be mentioned in the same article as Ian Holloway;
But he (i.e. Roy Keane) does not deserve an article to himself either:

The ever glum Roy Keane;
Surely by the end of the weekend he'll have reason to be glum;
How much longer can he stay as manager of an abysmal Ipswich?

Meanwhile in the nPower Championship, Roy Keane's Ipswich Town have lost yet again today. This time Ipswich lose 1-0 to bottom-of-the-table Preston North End. It's the sixth consecutive loss for the Tractor Boys and I know that a lot of Ipswich fans would love to run their manager over with a tractor right now. "KEANE OUT, KEANE OUT" is the popular chant at Portman Road at the moment.

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