16 December, 2010

“FIFA’s job is to protect World Cup players. We'll look into this & make the right decision” - says Sepp Blatter: I, for one am sceptical about that.

FIFA President Sepp Blatter (right): happy to take Qatar's cash

The World governing body of football: FIFA's Executive Committee (ExCo) is considering the possibility of pushing the 2022 World Cup into the (European) winter months due to the prohibitive 50°C heat - and potential health risks to players - of playing the World Cup in the traditional months of June & July in 2022 World Cup Host Nation: Qatar. This would mean a radical overhaul of the timing of major European Leagues - a possible long-term change from the current August-May season schedule. One wonders whether this really is "For the Good of the Game" or for the good of major international footballing bank accounts cashing in on Qatar's oil-riches?

FIFA: "For the Good of the Game" or "For the Good of the Bank Account"?

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