18 December, 2010

Sky Sports visits British Forces in Afghanistan:

British Troops pose with Premier League Trophy and Sky Sports

Sky Sports crews have visited the British Army base at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and were taken aback at the impact Sky Sports (and English League football) had on the daily lives of these "amazing people." Most of the troops are avid football fans and very keen to see important matches involving "their" team when they are broadcast on Sky Sports. Soccer AM was broadcast from Camp Bastion on Saturday and the sight of seeing themselves live on Sky Sports prompted a great cheer from the troops assembled to watch on the T.V. screens in the mess canteen.

Geoff Shreeves (below):
"To see how hard the servicemen and women work out here and the testing conditions they deliver their expertise is a real eye-opener. It's been fantastic to have had the military's involvement this weekend." - says Sky Sports touchline reporter Geoff Shreeves

That their sacrifice may not be in vain.

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