20 December, 2010

Post Mortem on Terry Newton proves inconclusive

Terry Newton: 1978 - 2010 R.I.P.

Former Bradford Bulls, England & Great Britain Rugby League star Terry Newton was found dead in his house in Orrell, Wigan on September 26th last. He was found to have a cocktail of alcohol, steroids, cocaine and ant-depressants in his body at today's post-mortem. While it was clear that he had died "at his own hands," it was unclear from the post-mortem as to whether he was of "sound mind" at the time of his death so as to make a conscious decision. Newton had wanted to warn the Rugby Football League of the dangers of drugs, but his death will end up being the ultimate warning against the dangers of drugs. He died aged 31 years old. May he rest in peace.

Newton: found at this house having been dead for "days"

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