04 December, 2010

Football Homophobia and acclaimed BBC documentary

     It's sad that in the 21st century, gay people are still not accepted in the world's most popular sport. In Britain, there is in fact a Gay Football League, because gay people simply cannot play in straight football due to the vile abuse they are subjected to. Justin Fashanu is still the only gay professional footballer to ever "come out" and he sadly took his own life some 12 years ago due to rampant homophobia.
See the "Justin Campaign - campaigning against homophobia in football" http://www.thejustincampaign.com/
There have of course been a number of gay footballers, but they have feared that "coming out" would mean the end of their careers. 
     Here's hoping that some day openly gay footballers will not have to play in a league of their own.

Justin Fashanu (1961 - 1998) R.I.P.:

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