09 December, 2010

FAI to confirm Ireland to face ENGLAND

Let's hope these rioting scenes will not be repeated next June

The FAI is to confirm today that a lucrative senior international friendly will take place next June between Ireland and England at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.

This will bring back memories of the shameful scenes from February 1995, when Ireland last played England in a senior soccer international. Anyone present that night in Lansdowne Road will doubtless remember the shameful violence perpetrated by English "fans" that night. There has been major clampdowns by authorities on both sides of the Irish Sea since then, so one hopes that the scenes of violence from spring '95 will not be repeated because the thugs will hopefully not be allowed into the country. One also hopes that the authorities will plan things better this time. While the violence from the English "fans" was inexcusable, it was hardly wise for the Gardaí (Irish police) to place English fans in a tier directly above Irish fans. This of course gave English thugs the excuse they needed to rip up seats, random sections of stands and propel them down on the Irish fans below. The fact that no-one was killed in the riot in February 1995 was more down to luck than any other factor.

A sold-out Aviva Stadium to provide a much needed boost to FAI coffers

Disgrace: 1995 Lansdowne Riot:

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