09 February, 2011

College coach saves player's life:

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100% commitment: College Coach Walter
Commitment to the cause goes without saying if you're a college coach. However,  Tom Walter took it to a level above and beyond.
When Wake Forest collegiate baseballer Kevin Jordan needed a kidney transplant, none of his family members were suitable donors.
Which is where Coach Walter stepped in.
Both men are recovering at an Atlanta hospital after Walter donated a kidney to Jordan on Monday. Surgeon Dr Kenneth Newell, said the surgeries went well and that both men are expected to make full recoveries.
"When we recruit our guys, we talk about family and making sacrifices for one another," Walter said before the operation.
"It is something we take very seriously. I had the support of my family, Wake Forest and my
Player (Jordan, above) and coach: recuperating in hospital
team. To me it was a no-brainer."
The player, who was selected by the New York Yankees in the 19th round of last year’s amateur draft, became ill last January, after he had committed to Wake Forest. A rare condition in which abnormal antibodies were causing his white blood cells to attack healthy tissue in his body had left his kidneys functioning at eight percent. Said fellow Wake Forest senior outfielder Steven Brooks of their coach: "The Tom Walter I know has been a very stand-up man at all times. When he made a commitment to Kevin, he did it for good and bad. It may be eye-opening for other people, but not for me because that’s just the kind of guy he is."
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