15 February, 2011

Wolves (and Ireland's) KEVIN DOYLE urges Wexford to vote for Mick Wallace:

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Former Cork City FC star Kevin Doyle (left) and Mick Wallace
Republic of Ireland star Kevin Doyle has pledged his support for Independent candidate Mick Wallace in the upcoming general election. Wallace, the owner of Wexford Youths FC, political activist and builder, announced ten days ago live on Vincent Browne’s Tonight programme on TV3 that he would contest the upcoming election in the Wexford constituency.
Doyle, who was voted Ireland’s Senior International Player of the Year last week, is urging the people of Wexford to vote for Wallace, who has pledged to bring an honest approach to the way the country is governed if he is elected.
“Mick is a great man, absolutely brilliant for me and all young lads in Wexford and he’s obviously still doing it with Wexford Youths and the amount of effort he puts into the running of that club is unbelievable,” Doyle said. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without his help and I know he’s running for election and I’m not politically minded in anyway but I wish him all the best. If he puts the same effort in that he did getting lads to play soccer and trying to give them confidence to play well and by giving them something to do in the afternoons then I’m sure he’ll be a great politician.”

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