16 February, 2011

Formula One: Kubica eager to return to action after 16 hours surgery:

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Robert Kubica's Pit Crew race to save his life in a previous Formula One accident
Formula One driver Robert Kubica has undergone further surgery as he recovers from injuries sustained in a rally crash in Italy ten days ago.
The Renault Lotus driver underwent seven hours of surgery to save the functuality of his hand early last week.
And, on Friday, the Pole had a further nine-hour operation to rebuild his foot, shoulder and the inner part of his elbow.
Speaking to reporters, surgeon Francesco Lanza said: "We finished the second surgical intervention on his upper arm, which was already compromised in a previous
Dicing with death:  Kubica crashes again

"After the last operation, the countdown to my return to the track begins"
--Robert Kubica 
"We gave him a bone graft and inserted a plate. We operated on the inner part of the upper arm but we still have to operate on the outer part."
Kubica will now return to intensive care for two days following his latest operation.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, a Renault Lotus spokesperson confirmed that Kubica had given his first interview since his accident on Sunday.
Kubica loses part of hand and nearly his life in recent rally smash
Speaking to Italian newspaper to La Gazzetta dello Sport, prior to his surgery, Kubica said: "The fingers work, I can feel them. My arm too. But they still need to operate on me and only after that will we know.
"I don't have much pain but I'm sedated. After the last operation, the countdown to my return to the track will begin."

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