09 February, 2011

Motorsport: onboard camera view along the terrifyingly twisty route which almost killed F1/Rally driver: Robert Kubica

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It would be hair-raising for any experienced rally driver, never mind a relative novice like Robert Kubica. Here is footage from the onboard camera in the car driven by the Italian combination of Moreno and Bonato, who followed Kubica into the first stage of the Rally di Andora last Sunday morning.
They are yellow-flagged to slow down and meet spectators waving furiously as they come upon the wreckage of Kubica's smashed Skoda Fabia. In the minutes before then, though, there is a sample of just how difficult that stage was. Apparently, it became very slippery
Kubica: recovering WITHOUT right hand
towards the end of a road that was already horrendously tight, a narrow rural route that seemed to cling to the side of a mountain.
Rally drivers the world over have something special about their character. Fearless or
bonkers, I am never sure which and I have sat in the co-driver's seat quite a few times, including for two Rally GB attempts. Thankfully, nothing on this scale ever happened to me but the risks are always there when you are surrounded by so many things to hit and travelling at such high speeds on surfaces that change constantly with the weather. Poor Kubica found that out in the worst possible way. Let's just hope he is well soon and back in Formula One where he belongs.
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