14 February, 2011

MICHAEL JOHNSON reveals his "Top 5 Olympic Moments:"

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"Miracle on Ice:" one of THE greatest shocks of World (not just Olympic) sport
5th.    "The Miracle on Ice:" At the Winter Games in 1980 the US men’s ice hockey team defeated the Soviet Union, widely considered to be the best team in the world at the time, in the decisive match of the final round. The US team of amateurs won the gold medal but the joy they displayed when they defeated the Soviets and all ran on to the ice to celebrate was incredible. 

The salute heard round the World
 4th. Tommie Smith, John Carlos and Peter Norman, all
Tribute: San Jose Uni.
standing on the medal podium in Mexico City in 1968, supporting a cause they cared about, was a brave move. I love the photo of Smith and Carlos giving the black-power salute. It was against the rules and they were suspended but they stood for what they believed in.

Respect: Long and Owens

 3rd. The 1936 Olympic long jump featured Jesse Owens, who proved the star of Hitler’s Games in Berlin. But the competition with his German rival, Luz Long, became a great moment in Olympic history when Long reportedly helped Owens to win the competition by suggesting that he jump from behind the board to counter the German officials who were trying to cheat Owens by signalling that he fouled each time he hit the take-off board. 

Jackie Joyner-Kersee:  hit the heights at Seoul 1988
2nd. Jackie Joyner-Kersee’s feats at the 1988 Olympics were quite simply amazing. Two Olympic Gold Medals and two World Records (one of which still stands today).  A quite remarkable feat when one considers the advances in sport science over the last 20 years plus.

Under extraordinary pressure: Cathy Freeman on the road to Home Gold:  Sydney 2000

1st. Cathy Freeman was the face of the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She was under tremendous pressure to deliver to the home crowd. I’ll never forget the image of her sitting on the track after crossing the finish line first in the 400 metres. The look on her face showed the relief she felt more than the joy of the victory.

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