25 January, 2011

SKY falls in on Andy Gray:

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F***  off:   Gray leaves Sky
Sian Massey: removed from tonight's Crewe v Bradford tie
            It's a sad day for sports broadcasting as Sky Sports have terminated the contract of veteran pundit Andy Gray due to "unacceptable and offensive comments and behaviour." The Scot's contract is being terminated with immediate effect. This relates back directly to Gray's (and Richard Keys) "sexist" comments over the weekend, relating to a female referee's assistant (Sian Massey - pictured left) "not knowing the offside rule." In all fairness, people really do need to lighten up a bit, there was nothing deliberately hurtful or insulting uttered, especially when the pair were unaware that they were miked up. While I am not a fan of Andy Gray (I personally think a lot of his comments are aboslute rubbish - "A shot that hits the post IS on target" being a classic Gray clanger). However, Andy Gray does not deserve to be fired over this. I hope he sues and I hope he wins and I hope he cashes in.
              New footage has emerged today (see video clip below), where, in a rehearsal in December 2010, Gray asks a female Sky presenter to tuck his mike pack down his front. It's not appropriate behaviour, but it's hardly a sacking offence.

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