21 January, 2011

Dangerous downhill: Skier in intensive care after competition crash:

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Hans Grugger in full flight....
     One of the most iconic venues on the World Cup ski-tour is the Rooster's Comb in Kitzbuehel, Austria, which is home to arguably the toughest course on the circuit; one mistake and you're toast. That was demonstrated again yesterday  (Thursday 20th January) with another horrific crash: 29 year-old Hans Grugger would end the night in intensive care (which he is still in) after an emergency operation for head injuries when he had tumbled and slided out of control for some 30 metres before coming to a halt, apparently unconscious. 
...before being airlifted to hospital soon after
   Grugger joins an unlucky list of victims of the Kitzbuehel down-hill slope; Swiss skier Daniel Albrecht, suffered brain and lung injuries training for the same competition and at the same venue (on January 22nd 2009). Albrecht's injuries were so severe that he only made a competitive comeback earlier this season. A year before that, American flyer Scott Macartney suffered head injuries on that same jump (January 19th, 2008). That accident prompted organisers to modify the high-speed section of the course, but maybe not enough.

     Please see the video (though access may be restricted to some viewers):

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