29 January, 2011

FIFA World Cup 2022 Trial-run:

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See you in 2022:   Port Stadium Doha,  Qatar
The 2011 Asian Cup has just finished today at the location for the 2022 FIFA World Cup; Qatar. The final of FIFA's most populous confederation (i.e. Asia) took place in Doha. Japan beat Australia 1-0 after extra-time in a most exciting tie. The goal came after 109 yards and was a sweet 12 yard volley from T. Lee, which makes the "Blue Samarai" the most successful Asian nation with their fourth Asian Cup triumph this evening. Japan have been invited to this year's Copa America, and could become the first nation ever to win two continental competitions (on different continents) in one calendar year! Star of the show (and for the entire tournament) was 'keeper Kawashima who time after time saved his side's bacon.
Japan thank their 'keeper for their 2011 Asian Cup win
            The climatic conditions in Qatar were certainly humid throughout, with average temperatures of 20C and summer temperatures look as if they will be most uncomfortable for a summer World Cup in the Gulf. Organisers of World Cup 2022 have much to ponder. 
For now though; JAPAN are 2011 Asian Champions.
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