03 January, 2011

NFL: Final weekend of regular season: Play-offs, Divisional Championships & Wild Cards decided:

The Patriots: Kings of AFC East
 Going into last weekend's final regular season games: The New England Patriots were the only franchise to have secured a place in the NFL play-offs as they had already won the AFC East and finished with a league best 14-2 record with victory over Miami Saturday (1st January).

The Green Bay Packers clinched a wild card with a 3-10 road win over the Chicago Bears.

Atlanta, Indianapolis, Seattle and Pittsburgh Steelers all secured divisonal
Never mess with the Steelers
titles. The Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns 41-9 in a tempestuous tie to secure the AFC North and earn a first-round play-off bye.

Seahawks (celebrating reaching play-offs):
won't apologise for reaching play-offs 
despite losing (7-9) record

The Seattle Seahawks look lucky to make the play-offs given their losing 7-9 record. The Seahawks are unlikely to progress any further, yet incredibly they have a home game in the play-offs against the Saints - eventhough the Saints have a 11-5 record. This anomaly is something which the NFL needs to look at - though the Saints should win comfortably.
Defending Super Bowl Champions The New Orleans Saints are through with a wild-card, despite losing 23-12 at Tampa Sunday (3rd January).

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