24 January, 2011

Mountains & Molehills: Sky suspend Gray & Keys:

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Off the ball: Gray and Keys suspended by Sky
          Welcome to the strange, strange world we live in. While I am no fan of Sky Sports presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys, if the pair get sacked over their supposed "sexist" remarks about a female referee's assistant (at Saturday's Premier League match between Wolves & Liverpool pictured below), then I believe the pair should sue BSkyB. I for one think that Andy Gray is an idiot, but he does not deserve to be sacked over this. 
         When the pair thought that they were off air, they joked that female officials “don’t know the offside rule”, and Keys added: “I can guarantee you there’ll be a big one today. (Liverpool manager) Kenny (Dalglish) will go potty.”
Much ado about nothing
          The pair were suspended from tonight's Monday Night Football broadcast, but, society really needs to cop on a small bit, instead of making a (very) big deal about comments as trivial as these. Besides the fact that these types of comments are made by men in pubs all over the world, in full ear-shot of women, to no complaint whatsoever. Just because you're in the public eye, doesn't mean you shouldn't be entitled to have a (risqué) joke. Relax people. Please.

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