08 January, 2011

King Kenny is (caretaker) Liverpool manager:

I try to avoid "sexy" stories (like Manchester United etc) but sometimes can't:       
Dalglish: Liverpool Legend
" I come into this job in 
unfortunate circumstances 
because a man of great 
dignity and integrity
has lost his job." 
- Kenny Dalglish

Roy Hodgson has been sacked as Liverpool manager today (8th January 2011), with Kenny Dalglish taking over in his place until the end of the season. I think I am correct in saying that most/all Liverpool fans would like for Dalglish to become Liverpool's long-term permanent manager. The word "legend" is often over-used, but that adjective is entirely accurate to describe Dalglish. As well as being probably Liverpool's Greatest Ever Player (winning six old Division One League Titles and 3 European Cups: in 1978, '81 & '84); Dalglish is also a genuinely decent man; after taking care of his wife when she was suffering from breast cancer, upon her recovery the couple founded The Maria Dalglish Appeal to raise money for breast cancer funding. Kenny Dalglish is also famed for being kind and caring to young players when they come into whatever football club he is at. As a manager, Dalglish won 3 (old) Division One League Titles with Liverpool (1985–'86, 1987–'88, 1989–'90) and also won an FA Premier League Title as Blackburn boss (1994-'95).
"King Kenny" in his first incarnation as Liverpool Manager

"King Kenny" cut short a cruise holiday to take over at Liverpool again. He faces a real "Baptism of Fire" facing ancient rivals MANCHESTER UNITED at Old Trafford this weekend. Having arrived in the middle of a transfer window, the King faces a busy few weeks. Supposedly, King Kenny wants a four year contract, to re-establish the club as a force. Sky Sports reported from Old Trafford this morning without mentioning Manchester United, which has probably never happened before!

If there were more like Kenny Dalglish in football, the game would be a much, much better institution.

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